Apartment or house security by centrally-operated surveillance is the most reliable and money-saving way of protecting your property today. You will have an alarm installed and 24/7 surveillance provided in your house. Modern digital devices track all disturbing signals, such as infiltration into a house, assault danger, etc.



The automated complex for security of property facilities. The main aim is to prevent damage to people and to tangible property.

Video surveillance


Video surveillance is a service that allows tracking the home environment in any time and place. It operates on PC, phone or tablet PC.

Smart House

Smart Home

Bildschirme am Kuhlschrank und an beliebigen anderen Stellen im
Haus liefern – verbunden mit dem Media-Center-PC – Live-TV, aufgezeichnete Sendungen, DVD-Filme oder den Internetzugang. Oder Energiesparen und trotzdem nicht frieren: Einfach einige Stunden vor der Heimkehr per Handy die abgesenkte Heizung wieder einschalten. Das Siemens Smart-Home-Konzept mit innovativen Produkten und Losungen erleichtert das Leben, macht es komfortabler und sicherer.  Im Haus und im Au?enbereich konnen die verschiedenen Gerate uber eine zentrale Steuerung  ein- und ausgeschaltet werden.  Ein integriertes Netz bietet die Losungen um verschiedene Gerate und Systeme im Haus zum Beispiel per Schnurlostelefon, Handy, PDA, PC oder Fernsehen zu steuern. Das Siemens Smart Home Konzept wird unterstutzt von den Siemens Bereichen Automation & Drives, Building Technologies, Communications sowie Siemens-Electrogerate und Fujitsu Siemens Computers.

Smart Home

Screen displays on the refrigerator as well as at other optional areas throughout the house are connected to the Media Center PC, offering you live TV images, recorded programs, DVD films and Internet access. Or save energy but stay warm: Simply use your mobile phone to switch the reduced heating system back on again a few hours before returning home. The Siemens Smart Home concept comprises innovative products and solutions for the fully interconnected house, making living more secure, comfortable, economical and entertaining. Development efforts are designed to create a comprehensive integrated network of all devices inside and outside of the house. As well as central control using a uniform operation concept which can be run on various types of devices, including a PDA, PC or a TV screen. The Siemens Smart Home Concept is supported by the Siemens divisions Automation & Drives, Building Technologies, Communication, as well as the subsidiaries Siemens Electrical Appliances and Siemens Fujitsu Computers.

Higly technologic solutions for automation of your home. Control, connection, heating, ventilation, communication systems, etc. Comfort of the 21st century!