The corporate culture of AB Solution Security’s  is determined by our beliefs and values that we continuously implement in all aspects of our business. Our executives and employees shall adhere to the corporate culture and promtly eliminate any signs of noncompliance with our standards.

Our corporate values

Focus on the customer

We maintain fair relationship with our customers. Mutual trust is the guarantee of the common wealth.

The best people

Only the best employees work at our company who are ready to learn and advance every day.


We thoroughly control the quality of our services, check and analyze our working results.


We do our best for security of our customers, providing rather a complex and long-term result than the transitory one.


We are constantly focused on innovations in all aspects of our business – from staff management to technical innovations.


We are striving to ultimate efficiency of our operation, whereby continuously raising  the reliability of our services.


Our group of companies is a united solid team focused on the common objectives. Our cooperates are always ready to assist each other.


We are open for cooperation in our business and activily interact with other companies, raising the quality of service for the welfare of our customers.


Our key priorities in arrangement of work are security of customers plus health and welfare of our colleagues.