Security alarming


New alarming systems provide the leading detection capacity and resistance to false threats. The systems feature multiple functionality and high reliability and it is suitable for installation and have a nice appearance.

Video security systems


Video surveillance cameras are demanded, it may be combined with video surveillance system that already exists and customized according to individual customers’ requests such as simplicity of installation, wireless connection, availability of a movement detector or audio signal reception with the following transfer via network.

Monitoring valuables


There are active security and search systems that operate in advance and have the high level of protection. Search operations are 100% successful. Such systems are used for protection of cars, safe boxes and other movables.

Access control


There is a large variety of access control and management system brand names. However, it may be not as easy to find really high-quality and reliable equipment. Main requirements at choosing are the combination of leading technologies, wide range of functional opportunities and appropriate prices.